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How To Get A Transaction Pin?

If you are interested in scrapping your vehicle as a way of de-registering it, the first thing you would need to do is to get a Transaction PIN from e-Services@ONE.MOTORING.

A Transaction PIN is an alphanumeric password that you need to obtain if you are de-registering a vehicle. It was created to provide additional security against unauthorised transfers or de-registrations of vehicles. Only when you are about to sell or de-register your vehicle should you apply for a Transaction PIN.

A Transaction PIN can be obtained online and successful applicants can expect to receive their Transaction PIN in the mail within 3-5 working days. It is advised that the registered owner of the vehicle apply for the Transaction PIN, although it is allowed for the registered owner to authorise someone to apply on his or her behalf. Once the Transaction PIN has been used for its necessary service, it cannot be used again.

Should you misplace your Transaction PIN, or if you think someone has seen it, do not hesitate to contact the LTA Customer Service Line at 1800 – 2255 – 582 immediately to cancel the PIN. Or you can visit LTA’s office at Sin Ming Drive with the relevant identification documents and completed application form to either reset or cancel the PIN.

If however you still remember your Transaction PIN, you can login through these online methods to immediately change your Transaction PIN:

  • Via SingPass for Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Via EASY for Businesses / Companies / Foreign Companies

A statement of this transaction will be sent by mail to your registered address.