Sg Car Scrap: An LTA-Appointed Car Scrap Agent

Is it the end of the road for your automobile? If you are thinking of scrapping your car instead of exporting it after the end of your Certificate of Entitlement (COE), then you have arrived at the one-stop website for all your car scrapping needs. Our experienced team of experts help our customers scrap their old vehicles. We also aid and advise them about the deregistration process for end of lifespan vehicles (ELV) that have completed their COE in a hassle-free manner at our LTA-appointed (Land Transport Authority) car scrap agent through an environmentally-friendly process.

Sg Car Scrap is the go-to platform to discard used automobiles. As a reliable and seasoned company in Singapore, we offer compelling prices, fuss-free services along with superb customer services. Choose to bid your old vehicle goodbye at our LTA-authorised car scrap agent at attractive prices by opting for our company and services. Rest assured that when you choose our company, you can enjoy transparent business transactions, quick and efficient services as well as the best price guaranteed.

Should you choose our services, you can feel free to arrange a drop off time or get one member of our team to pick up the car at any designated location. Call us at +65 6631 8989 or email us and our customer services team will be in touch.


Why Choose Sg Car Scrap

Besides offering our services at a legitimate LTA-authorised car scrap agent, what makes Sg Car Scrap a business partner you can trust?

First, we have a strict no-frills policy when it comes to the car scrap process and paperwork. We believe in offering fast and efficient services to our customers with maximum transparency.

Second, our team has had numerous years in the field. We are extremely knowledgeable and experienced!

Finally, Sg Car Scrap has accumulated a large number of reviews that praise our punctuality and helpful services. Click here to head to our main page read them.