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If your car is due for export or scrap because you have reached the end of your Certificate Of Entitlement (COE), then you have come to the right website. As Sg Car Scrap is the best place to get a competitive and attractive scrap car price in Singapore. We offer our customers the most fuss-free services at the best prices you can find anywhere on the island.

Having been in the car scrap industry for years, we recognize the importance of getting a reasonable value for a vehicle that you intend to scrap in the future. Sg Car Scrap is the company in Singapore you can rely on for reliable services and dependable car scrap value quotations.


How to Discover Your Car Scrap Value

The process is so simple when you choose Sg Car Scrap.

All you have to provide us with vehicle information and let our experts examine your car up close by bringing your vehicle to our workshop or arranging for it to be picked up by one of our staff. We will handle all the heavy lifting and do all complicated legal paperwork for you!

Our services are also available all day and all year round. Yes, that’s right – even on weekends and public holidays.


How We Calculate Car Scrap Value

We calculate car scrap value based on COE rebate and PARF rebate. These in turn are affected by the demand & supply in the market for your car model.


Why Choose Sg Car Scrap?

Besides being able to offer fuss-free services to help customers in Singapore access information about the car scrap value in an efficient manner, Sg Car Scrap also boasts a huge portfolio of testimonials from happy customers. Click here to view them.

Additionally, we are passionate about providing transparency and integrity in all that we do. We have the best prices guaranteed and most professional team of experts on hand. Approachable and knowledgeable, we are a trustworthy team ready to serve you.


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