The Process of Scrapping A Car in Singapore

Deciding on what to do with your old automobile can be challenging especially if you still want to restore or repair it. Take note that the value of the car does not increase over time. Unfortunately, its value does not appreciate, but instead it depreciates the longer that the owner uses it. This is why the best thing to do in getting rid of a car is to bring it to a car scrap yard in Singapore. At first, you may be hesitant to scrap it but every time you do, just remember that the longer you delay, the more your scrap value will depreciate.

In this article, you will discover the basic process of scrapping a car in Singapore. The first thing you need to know is that it is absolutely hassle-free. This means that you do not need to do a lot before you will know the value of your car. As long as you know some basic details about the vehicle, then you are already good to go. As a car owner, your goal is to find the best scrap dealer in the city that can provide you with the best deal. The company must however be reliable so that the right documentations will be done for you and most importantly, that you will get the best value of your car.

Select an authorized scrap car dealer

Once you have chosen the right scrap car dealer, the next thing to do is to initiate contact with them. There are many ways on how to do it. If the company has a website, then you can simply send them a message via the contact page. Another way is to call them if you have the contact number. Calling is more convenient and faster. What you need to send them are the details concerning the model, color, condition and mileage of the vehicle. These factors can affect how the dealer can put a value on the car.

Prepare the necessary documents

Thereafter, the company may pick up the vehicle from you. They can send a truck to take care of the transportation from your residence to the shop. However, the most common practice is to request car owners to drive the vehicle all the way to the office. Usually, the dealer would give a specified day and time. Before going to the office, make sure that you bring the necessary documents or requirements to the shop. Never forget the identification card as well as the filled up form of the de-certification document from the Land Transport Authority.

Get your car’s scrap value

Upon arrival at the office, you will now enter into a contract with the scrap dealer. This contract is often called as “Sales Agreement” wherein all terms and conditions regarding the transaction will be stipulated. Read each provision before signing the contract. Once it is signed, the said contract becomes the law between the principal parties. Another effect of the perfection of the contract is that the scrap dealer automatically becomes obligated to issue a check containing the scrap value of the car.

The company will be responsible with the processes for de-registration. Once the dealer has facilitated the scrapping or exporting of the car, they will submit the necessary paperwork and disposal documents to the Land Transport Authority in Singapore. The agency will acknowledge the documents. When this happens, you can now claim the PARF rebate of the car.

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