What Is The Process Of Deregistering A Car In Singapore?

When your car’s 10-year certification of entitlement (COE) expires, you have the option of scraping the vehicle or renewing the COE. For car owners that decide not to renew the COE, you will have to prepare the vehicle for scrap. Typically, owners with car in poorer condition would decide to scrap the vehicle. Prior to sending it for car scrapping, you will have to de-register the vehicle. This is a process that is often left to last minute and results in a lot of panic and stress. Today we will walk you through the steps you should take to de-register your vehicle.

  1. Obtain a TPIN from LTA

The Transaction PIN (TPIN) is a password that enables you to complete transactions via e-Services@ONE.MOTORING (Request for Transaction PIN). Even if you plan to engage an Electronic Service Agent (ESA) to assist the process, you will still be required to request for TPIN. Following your online request, you will need to wait 3 to 5 working days for a letter from LTA. In this letter, you will find your transaction Pin. It is recommended that early, preferably 2 weeks before the vehicle’s de-registration date or planned scrapped date, whichever comes first.

  1. Submit Required Documents

You will need a few things ready before the actual de-registration. Firstly, print a copy of de-registration form (Form D01) from ONE.MOTORING website. This can be found under SCRAPPING OF VEHICLE AT AN LTA APPOINTED SCRAPYARD. Secondly, make sure you have the car owner’s Original NRIC ready. Lastly, ensure that you have paid all outstanding fees. This includes outstanding road tax and car loan.

  1. LTA Appointed Scrapyards

You are required to scrap your car within 5 calendar days of your online application. Otherwise, you will have to make a new application. Please note that your vehicle will remain registered until it is de-registered at an LTA Appointed Scrapyard. Most Singapore scrap yard doesn’t require an appointment but it is still wise to avoid peak/lunch hours. Please remember to bring all your documents too!

That should cover everything you need to know for deregistering your vehicle and preparing it for scrap. It is strongly advised that you give yourself ample time to come to a decision if you are thinking of scrapping your car.