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CAT A     Cars up to 1600cc and 130bhp
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$85,845 (Mar)517665
  CAT B     Cars above 1600cc or 130bhp
Quota PremiumChangePrevailing Quota PremiumQuotaBids Received


$106,916 (Mar)431629
  CAT C     Goods Vehicle & Bus
Quota PremiumChangePrevailing Quota PremiumQuotaBids Received


$81,170 (Mar)4365
 CAT E     Open
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As an authorised Singapore scrap car dealer, we strive to answer any questions you might have, such as “How do I scrap my car?” or “How much is it worth?” Our knowledgeable and trustworthy team of experts at our car scrap company in Singapore is always willing and able to give you the best scrap car advice.


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Priding ourselves on offering the best quality services possible, Sg Car Scrap is the company you can depend on for transparent transactions, prompt services and excellent customer engagement. Having extended our services to numerous local customers in Singapore, we have accumulated a huge number of testimonials that praise our scrap car service and professional customer service engagement.

We are the company you can trust to deliver excellence in all that we do.

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