How Do I Sell My Used Car In Singapore?

There are many ways to get rid of your cars in Singapore. Some car owners prefer to send their car to LTA-appointed car scrap yard in Singapore while others may choose to sell the vehicles away. In this article, we will be looking at the two main ways that you can sell your car away. […]

3 Things To Take Note Of When Scraping Your Car In Singapore

In Singapore, scrapping a car might be a familiar process; after all, most of the time drivers need to give their cars after 10 years. In this article, we would be looking at 3 important things to take note of before you scrap your car in Singapore. Decide early There are many car owners that […]

What Is The Process Of Deregistering A Car In Singapore?

When your car’s 10-year certification of entitlement (COE) expires, you have the option of scraping the vehicle or renewing the COE. For car owners that decide not to renew the COE, you will have to prepare the vehicle for scrap. Typically, owners with car in poorer condition would decide to scrap the vehicle. Prior to […]

How To Decide Where to Scrap Your Old Car in Singapore?

Have you gone through the tedious process of deciding whether or not it is time to sell your old car? Have you ever felt the need to finally get rid of an unwanted automobile? If you answered yes to these questions, then all you need is to find a scrap car Singapore company that can […]

The Benefits Of Engaging In A Car Removal Service and Service Provider

People always want something new. When a particular thing reaches its lifespan or gets old, the normal reaction of individuals is to get a replacement. A good example of this is when people decide to get rid of an old car. Unlike other old things that you can simply throw away, a car is not […]

The Process of Scrapping A Car in Singapore

Deciding on what to do with your old automobile can be challenging especially if you still want to restore or repair it. Take note that the value of the car does not increase over time. Unfortunately, its value does not appreciate, but instead it depreciates the longer that the owner uses it. This is why […]